“...Sex is about power.” (Oscar Wilde)

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Started as a multifandom blog now this is an Uchiha Itachi shrine.

My OTP is Itasasu/Sasuita. Because the difference is not only who tops in bed. I prefer Sasuita but it depends on my mood. See and for details.

I also ship ShisuiXItachi, only not as much as Itasasu which is more complex and intriguing, to me.

In my head my OTP and almost OTP coexist with my guilty pleasure: MadaraXItachi (sort of one sided from Madara's side), some others.

If anyone's interested in which other ones, go here

I love reading fanfiction. I have an insane passion for blood and bandages, angst and abuse so if you are sensitive to triggers please leave because you'll find some if you'll wander into my dark realm ^^

Also, my blog is YAOI friendly. Very friendly, so if you don't like malexmale, leave ^^

I reblog fanart,with all the proper credits and source. Mostly I post screencaps taken by me, sometimes comments/corrections on subs and translations from Japanese.

I also post my translations of the doujinshis I buy. I won't publish the doujinshi images because I want to support the artists, but I think that a translation may help spread the love for the amazing doujinkas.

Sometimes I post my ideas, headcanons and rantings on Itachi, Sasuke, Itasasu and other pairings.

I don't always follow back, only because I would like to keep my distractions to a minimum, but I do love to exchange ideas and opinions on stuff I like so FEEL FREE TO WRITE ME ^_^

I run another blog where I post cute animals and funny things, mostly anime related here

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